Mali in the City 2012 – Melbourne Zoo’s 150th Birthday











Thanks to Melbourne Zoo and their 150th birthday celebrations in 2012 and their beautiful baby elephant Mali, they have commissioned 50 young and aspiring artists to create 50 individual life-size Mali sculptures to be painted and presented to the Zoo.

These elephant sculptures will go on display in August and be placed in and around the city of Melbourne to celebrate the 150th anniversary and of course Mali herself.

I am pleased to announce my design entry has been successful in the 50 award winners announced on May 9, 2012. My design will be constructed over the next couple of months and be presented in the City on Friday 10th August 2012.

Between August – September the elephants will go on display around Melbourne and in October the sculptures will be displayed at Melbourne Zoo then later auctioned off to charities.

Please get involved and come and witness a proud year of Melbourne Zoo’s history!

And don’t forget to visit the links below for more information on this event.

My selected concept for the Mali sculpture.
Title: Mali’s Melbourne Winter Wonderland
Artist: Pat Minahan


About patminahan

Interests: Cinema, photography, music, art, technology, visual design, conceptualisation, Idols: Stan Winston, Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, Michael Bay, James Cameron, Johnny Depp, Olivia Wilde Education: Essendon Grammar class of 2007 RMIT University Bachelor Degree Industrial Design
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