Mali in the City was officially opened today.

Awaiting the unveiling

A select few schoolchildren were invited to come along

Awaiting the official opening


Lord Mayor Robert Doyle

Deb Halpern with “Mali, Protector of all Animals” and schoolchildren

Press conference

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle learning how to use the Mali iPad App

Press conference

“Endangered Asia” by Kelly Just

“Mali, Protector of all Animals” by Deb Halpern

“City in Mali” by Ralf Kempken

Elephants on Swanston

“Jimbo” by Janie Fearon

“Bromley One” by David Bromley

“Wooly Mali” by Mini Goss

“Mali’s Winter Wonderland” by yours truly 😉

I captured a young girl who was very interested in my elephant

My elephant positioned right in the middle of Melbourne Central Square


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Interests: Cinema, photography, music, art, technology, visual design, conceptualisation, Idols: Stan Winston, Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, Michael Bay, James Cameron, Johnny Depp, Olivia Wilde Education: Essendon Grammar class of 2007 RMIT University Bachelor Degree Industrial Design
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