About me

Thanks for visiting the site!
This blog is designed to deliver some of the talents and work-in-progress of my concept design portfolio.

You will find most of the pieces are from my bachelor degree of Industrial Design at RMIT University from 2008-2011 with personal projects from 2012 onwards.

Make sure you check out the Open Projects from 2010 and Mali in the City!

Born in the heart of winter 1989, I began at a very early age to draw. My favourite areas include film, television and technology. I’ve always been the family’s creative consultant and when I started school my excellence in the fields of art, design and IT never ceased to amaze the staff and students.

For many of my early years I worked with clay, paint and crafts but it wasn’t until my final student years that I began more serious development in conceptual design, product design, graphic design and model-making.

My most recent studies were engaged in the Industrial Design Major Project 2011 at Melbourne’s RMIT University where I experimented and explored limitless design possibilities from product design to concept design to areas of other interests like fashion, architecture and landscape.

My goal in life is to work as a conceptual and visual artist in the film industry where I can test my abilities to the full extent of their purpose.

Please feel free to contact me or view my work on Facebook:

Ben Landau: www.benlandau.com
Brittany Veitch: brittany.veitch@gmail.com
Simon Curlis: simon.curlis@gmail.com
Bernie Walsh: berniewalsh101@bigpond.com


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