Childhood monsters and fears are the target focus for this development. Merging my personal infant cocnerns regarding scary oversized beanbags and that of being swallowed alive. But not only monster-bags with gaping jaws but possibly freindlier possibilities like child-friendly teddy bears, comical ideas and memorable characters.

Description of Concept
My aim would be to put together either one or more series of custom beanbags representative of this trait using materials, fabrics, polystyrene and stuffing. I would like to start via stock beanbags and understanding their craft and design. Prior to this production, I would create a series of sketches of focal designs to aid in the construction. To assist with this project a sequence of miniature mock-ups would be adequate in presenting my idea as well as experimenting in craft mediums, shapes and designs.
Certainly an irrational fear, but as a youngster we believe in the strabgest of things, but it isn’t until our adulthood that we soon learn and overcome these stupid little worries. That’s why I decided on this project, as a way of encouraging children to overcome their fears by putting themselves to the test. Or it may be a method for parents to secretly get their children to concur fears without them even knowing it. The point being, would any other youngster have this same idea of being swallowed alive like I did?

Mini Pres

Process photographs:


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