FORCE 2030

Project FORCE brings to the near future a powerful, intelligent and energy efficient concept vehicle to take the central role for a future film, which will take place in a dystopian Victoria in 2030.

This scenario requires a multi-purpose on-road and off-road, police pursuit, rapid response and rescue vehicle for tough situations involving high impact scenarios and harsh terrain. As a major character in the story, the vehicle will display its capabilities in performance, ingenuity and smart approaches in accomplishing tasks that may be dangerous and unpredictable.

Equipped with state-of-the-art interface systems including; heads up displays, multiple vision modes, communication capabilities, weapons and rescue equipment, the vehicle is specifically designed to negotiate any challenge it may encounter, by adapting to the environmental terrains.

The exterior styles assert strength and authority through a defensive and offensive capacity, that provide both a community safety presence and a hard-edged approach to criminal activity.

Providing a smart intelligence and stealth mode system, this concept diminishes every other design in its class, while utilising the latest in Hydrogen fuel powered technology within the Vehicle-to-Grid system of plug and play electric and hybrid electric vehicles. In the near future no challenge is unattainable when your mode of transport actually knows who is in the driver’s seat!


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