High Calibre Selection

When you think of craft design you may think of little ‘arty farty’ projects that hardly see the light of day, but in the last few months a group of RMIT Design students have conjured up their talents in arts and crafts and are about to exhibit CRAFTICIZE and what they think it really means.


My piece showcased fashion design to a more fascinating degree. Trends nowadays are popular, random, custom, old school, post-modern and unique, this idea forwarded me to blending and mixing early fashion and attire into appealing modern taste in the direction of young women.

Included in this piece are scarves and jackets with interchangeable shoulder pads and epaulets that allow the wearer to customize it to suite their particular look. “I had this image of seeing an ancient Roman soldier walking down the inner streets of Melbourne, he was so out of place and it occurred to me that if the 80s can make a comeback in fashion why not go even further back?”

I’ve travelled back in time well over 3000 years to bring into the 21st century a new and fresh appeal to lost and forgotten trends which make a statement to the new generation of the public’s eye. The fashion range is supposed to reflect the person who wears it, whether they be protesting against war or violence or even representing fallen soldiers from the family blood line, also small roses can be placed on either the clothes or face symbolising blood stains.

Pat would like to thank Amber Cappelletti (below) for her help and dedication to the High Calibre photoshoot.


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